Fusion 360 – Beginners Course

Do you work with product development? Fusion 360 is Autodesk's cloud-based CAD software for 3D modeling. Familiarize yourself with how to create parties, smaller compilations, simpler presentation videos and drawings.

Fusion 360 – Beginners Course


Fusion 360 is Autodesk’s cloud-based CAD software for 3D modeling. In the Fusion 360 beginners course, our certified teachers take you step by step through the different parts of the program. We alternate reviews and screenings with our own exercises based on the course material.
The exact content and design of the course is adapted as far as possible to the participants’ prior knowledge and areas of use. We also attach great importance to teaching the best possible methodology for working in 3D.

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Course description

Target audience

You who are a beginner in 3D modeling and want to learn to work in a new and exciting interface for 3D-CAD or for you who are curious about a slightly simpler 3D-CAD system especially aimed at smaller companies.

Objectives with Fusion 360 beginners course

After the course, you should be able to navigate in the program, create parties, smaller compilations, simple presentation videos and drawing material. We also lay a good and important foundation when it comes to 3D methodology and file management.


The exercises are based on a pedagogical approach to practice the basics of 3D modeling. The methodology is in focus for the design of the exercises.

Previous knowledge

Basic knowledge in drawing technology is a requirement, which means that you must know what a drawing is and what it should look like.

Course material

We use an English course material supplemented with our own exercises. Cost for course material will be added.

Course content in Fusion 360 beginners course


  • Cadcraft
  • Autodesk and Fusion 360
  • General information
  • Purpose and goal

Basic file management

  • Download and load files from ex screw manufacturers, manage / create files in the cloud

Party modeling

  • Handling the sketch mode
  • Basic 3D functions and methodology
  • Creation of parties and modification of these

Drawing generation

  • Creation of drawing views
  • Dimensions, symbols, text etc.


  • Basic management of 3D conditions
  • Compilation methodology
  • Compilation drawings, BOM and balloons


  • Review of rendering for images
  • Review of simpler presentation films


  • Purpose and goal
  • Course evaluation
  • Continuation courses etc.


  • Loan of computer included
  • Cost for course material will be added (800 SEK)
  • Lunch and coffee included
  • Course duration: 3 days
  • Time: 09.00-16.00
  • The price applies excluding VAT

Interactive teacher-led distance education

Do you not have the opportunity to come to any of our offices? No problem! Through remote connection, you still get the opportunity to use the software on our powerful course computers and follow the exercises our course leaders go through.
We recommend that you have two screens and a headset to be able to get the best out of our distance education. Contact us for more information!

Company-adapted course

Do you want the course to be company-adapted? No problem, we can adapt the content to your needs, goals and challenges. Contact us for more information and a quote!

Do you have questions about the Fusion 360 beginners course?

Contact our education manager for more information and requests on how the course should be designed and adapted to your company’s conditions.

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