Fusion 360 – Generative Design Extension

Generative design is a form of artificial intelligence that utilizes the power of the cloud while streamlining the process.

Fusion 360 – Generative Design Extension


What is Fusion 360 – Generative Design Extension?

Generative Design Extension is an add-on to Fusion 360 and is a form of artificial intelligence that uses the power of the cloud while making the whole process faster from idea to product.

Increase your product development process

Using generative design, you can explore the results earlier in the production process. You can take part of the cost, materials and different manufacturing techniques, so that you can enter the market faster.

Ready-to-manufacture solutions with generative design extension

Generative design in Fusion 360 gives you the opportunity to choose several manufacturing methods to quickly explore the different solutions available for your design and technical challenges.

Additive manufacturing

Improve design freedom and promote your innovations. Create quality products in less time and reduce material waste.


Activate complex shapes, intricate sections and major mechanical properties while combining additive, subtractive and generative design for reduced production costs.

Injection molding

Optimize the efficiency of your injection molding and achieve a higher production speed with reduced cycle times.

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