Fusion 360 – Manage Extension

Get access to additional data management features and manage design changes at all stages of production.

Fusion 360 – Manage Extension


What is Fusion 360 Manage Extension?

Fusion 360 Manage Extension is an add-on to the CAD/CAM software Fusion 360, giving you access to additional data management features. The program enables the management of design changes at all production stages, with the help of preventive workflows. Spend more time on innovation instead of administration!


Releasing process management

Make sure you work with the right revisions and have full control throughout the process. Forward the most recently approved information to stakeholders using a preconfigured workflow, as well as track all electronic approvals.

Administration tools

Assign permissions and grant rights to stakeholders within or outside the organization with a collection of advanced administration tools.

User management

Include internal and external stakeholders in your development process. Manage how users interact with data through project administration.

Change management

Inform the right team members for requests on design changes. Capture and view the entire design change history to manage compliance effectively.


fusion 360 manage extension

Unique product identification

Assign each design a unique ID to ensure accurate traceability during the product life cycle.

Cloud storage

Access your data anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can also continue working when you are not connected to the Internet through offline mode.

Comment and mark

Share feedback from any device, directly on the design using comments and marks.

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