Fusion 360 – Product Design Extension

Product Design Extension offers advanced product design tools to automate the creation of complex functions.

Fusion 360 – Product Design Extension


What is Fusion 360 Product Design Extension?

This extension offers advanced product design tools that automate the creation of complex functions, such as grids and algorithm-driven patterns that are otherwise time-consuming to perform with traditional 3D modeling methods.

Examples of prominent features in this extension are:

  • Complex modeling that enables design innovation
  • Specialized automation tools
  • Intelligent design to improve product performance
  • Manufacturing instructions that help improve the product development process

To be able to use this add-on, a subscription to the original Fusion 360 software is required.



Geometric patterning

Apply customizable geometric patterns with user-defined or predefined objects.

Boss function

Create a boss that connects two parts to each other using manufacturing-conscious tools.

Web function

Automate web and rib functions from open sketches using manufacturing-conscious tools.

Snap Fit

Create multiple parametric snap fit functions to attach bodies or components together.

Plastic product design tools

Define plastic details at the model level or at the assembly level for an optimal approach. This is to maintain the fit, performance and aesthetics of your design.

Rules for the design of plastic products

Choose from a list of materials that drive the basic parameters of your plastic part on the design, allowing you to spend more time on your design ideas.

Design suggestions

Get guidance based on industry best practices to improve the manufacturability and performance of your design.


fusion 360 product design extension


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