Fusion 360 – Simulation Extension

This extension to Fusion 360 will help you explore how optimal your 3D design is and how it will actually perform in real-world conditions - before you manufacture it.

Fusion 360 – Simulation Extension


What is Fusion 360 Simulation Extension?

Simulation Extension provides unlimited access to existing simulation possibilities under one umbrella. Now designers and engineers can choose the option that works best for them to explore more ways to reduce weight, material costs and improve product performance. This Fusion 360 extension helps you explore how optimal your 3D design is and how it will perform in real-world conditions – before you manufacture it.

Examples of prominent features in the Simulation extension are:

  • Various simulation options that provide access to a range of advanced FEA simulation tools
  • Design plastic parts with formability and have insights into sub-quantities
  • Simulation versions that make it possible to track changes to substructures
  • Connected workflows that enable collaboration flexibility without having to import and export results

To be able to use this add-on, a subscription to the original Fusion 360 software is required.


fusion 360 simulation extension


Injection Molding Simulation

Identify how your design part affects the manufacturability and part quality of injection molded plastic parts. Fusion 360 Simulation Extension offers guided results to produce an aesthetically acceptable part that works according to set wishes.

Event Simulation

Predict how time-dependent forces affect 3D design performance.

Thermal Steady State

Track heat transfer across your design part to understand if it may fail based on the maximum critical temperature of a component.

Modal Frequencies

Fine-tune your design by inspecting the effects of natural free vibrations.

Shape Optimization with Fusion 360 Simulation Extension

Achieve permissible design goals of lightweight, stress and displacement by identifying materials that can be removed from your design.
simulera modala frekvenser i 3D med fusion 360 simulation extension

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