iTools iConnect

iTools iConnect is an integrated add-on to Autodesk Vault that converts data from the CAD model BOM, or item data in the PDM system, to items and item structure in the company's business system.

iTools iConnect


 Cadcraft iTools iConnect – the platform for integration

One of the most important parts of digitization is system integration. There are great opportunities for efficiency in manufacturing companies through integration between different business-critical systems. iConnect primarily automates the exchange of information between the design department and the rest of the company.


Cadcraft iTools iConnect is a flexible integration platform that connects PDM, PLM and ERP systems. But it can also be about smart management of XML data that is to be passed on to a database-based system.


Integration minimizes the need for manual data transfer and by that eliminates the risk of errors. The introduction of an integration solution often drives an important standardization process. It simply creates better conditions for having things in order. An example could be synchronized audit management between articles in PDM/PLM and ERP, which minimizes the risk of orders based on incorrect documentation.


Level of integration depends on the type of data source.

  • Input XML
    • Translation of BOM data into articles & article structure in business systems
    • Possibility of automatic monitoring of import folders
    • Configurable scripts based on Lua, for example:
      • Replacing devices
      • Merger of data fields
      • Adding static values



  • Input PDM Vault Pro or PLM Fusion Manage
    • Automatic export of complete article structure to business system upon release in PDM/PLM
    • Automatic linking of documents to article, e.g. PDF, DXF etc
    • Configurable scripts based on Lua, for example:
      • Replacing devices
      • Merger of data fields
      • Adding static values


Depending on the capabilities of the business system/receiving system:

  • Automatic audit management in business systems linked to audit management in PDM / PLM
  • Warning in business systems, when revising an article in PDM / PLM
  • Dynamic 2-way communication between PDM / PLM and business systems
    • Primarily “read-only”, e.g. stock balance, cost, supplier etc.
  • Manage the operation list for the current item, which is included in the business system



If there are other requests regarding the preparation of data, we will produce an add-in adapted to your needs. Such adaptations could, for example, be the management of raw materials and quantity.