iTools Suite

iTools Suite is a software package with both iTools Inventor and iTools Vault.

iTools Suite


Cadcraft iTools Suite contains both iTools Inventor and iTools Vault.

iTools Inventor

iTools Inventor is an integrated add-on for Autodesk Inventor that automates time-consuming tasks and includes smart tools that facilitate the designer’s work.

Itools 2019 has been completely redesigned from the ground up with a new and easier-to-use interface. The easy handling of iProperties in iTool’s Inventor Property Manager gives all Inventor users the opportunity to significantly simplify the time-consuming work of filling in iProperties, on all document types in Inventor. Examples of other functionality are configurable shortcuts for printing, drawing frames and templates. iTools Inventor is used today by over 1000 designers.

Property management in Inventor

  • Preconfigured lists
  • Required fields
  • Copying of fields between model and drawing
  • Handling of materials, colors and B.O.M. – structure
  • Create temporary materials
  • Display of properties such as: scale, weight, volume, area, area for spread sheet, etc.

Functions in drawing mode

  • Quick prints
  • Replacement of drawing frames and drawing head
  • Quick choice for templates

Export of other file formats

  • Shortcuts
  • Configurable export
  • DXF export from Sheet Metal


  • Configurable PDF printing
  • Automatically generated mail with attached PDF

Support features for Vault

  • Clear temp files, back files and old version directories
  • Clear empty directories
  • Recreate directory structure

Other functions

  • Special functions for modeling
  • Opportunity for Cadcraft to create customer-specific customizations
  • Administrator interface
  • Opportunity to create different user profiles

iTools Vault

iTools Vault is an add-on program for Autodesk Vault that automates time-consuming tasks and includes smart tools that facilitate the work, from start to finish of a project. Automatically generate preconfigured folder structure when starting project. Activate default processes and events when life cycle changes are made in CAD documents. Fast and secure!

Customizable job server features

  • Create jobs based on status change
  • Create pdf, dwf, dwg, dxf, step, sat, jt

Print to printer

  • Connect the documents to Vault for further handling
  • Copy the documents to the public area
  • Secondary documents
  • The job server creates secondary documents such as pdf, step, dwg, dxf
  • The documents are linked to the file in Vault
  • Own tab in Vault

Management of properties in Vault

  • Custom file data cards for different categories
  • Ability to edit properties from Vault default lists and required fields
  • Own tab in Vault

Create new files and projects

  • Templates for creating new project structures
  • Templates for creating new documents with associated file data cards
  • Filtered views
  • Custom tab to display custom views

Display of secondary documents for a compilation structure

  • Display of structures with marked components such as spare parts.
  • Export of filtered view to excel
  • Manage secondary documents from filtered view

Other functions

  • Replication of folder structure from Vault to work folder
  • Synchronization of properties from project folder to files
  • Cleaning tools for workbooks
  • Create documents such as Excel or Word from ready-made templates with number generation
  • iTools Vault has a built-in system that makes it easy to customize features linked to lifecycle changes

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iTools Inventor

iTools Vault