iTools Surveillance Manager

An add-on that monitors your servers and notifies you of any operational issues.

iTools Surveillance Manager


iTools Surveillance Manager is an integrated add-on for monitoring servers, hard drives, Autodesk Vault backups and server services.

The system is based on monitored devices in the network that continuously sends information to a central server. If there are any errors in the information compilation the system will alert via e-mail. The same thing happens if the hard drive is getting full and the utilization rate exceeds a predetermined value.


If a service or the entire server stops, the system sends out an e-mail every hour. This makes is possible to be proactive and prevent any malfunctions before they occur or affect the production.

Find errors faster

Troubleshooting becomes faster as it is easier to locate errors thanks to the information in the email.


  • Designated disks in the selected server
  • Preselected active services on the server
  • Implemented Autodesk Vault backups
  • Esures that Autodesk Vault backup is not older than the default hours
  • Monitoring disks every 10 minutes
  • Monitoring services every 5 minutes


  • When the default hours has been reached for backup, then every 24 hours until the error is rectified
  • 15 minutes after the error occurred on the service and disk, then once an hour until the error is rectified
  • Sends to any number of email addresses


iTools Surveillance Manager