Navisworks Manage – Beginners Course

In Navisworks Manage beginners course you will learn how to compile modelings from different CAD programs with information from other design tools and measure, search, comment and create analyzes.

Navisworks Manage – Beginners Course


During this course you will learn the basics of Navisworks Manage. Practices are combined with theoretical reviews and demonstrations so you have the opportunity to test the various functions in the program. You will learn to coordinate models from different CAD programs, measure and comment, analyze collisions, and visualize and present the 3D model.

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Course description

Target audience

The course is aimed at those who want to learn how to use Navisworks Manage for CAD coordination. The course is designed so that you, regardless of industry, background or area of ​​use, will be able to satisfy you with the course.

Objectives with Navisworks Manage beginners course

After completing the course, you must have sufficient knowledge to get started and work independently with Navisworks Manage.

The goal after completing the course is that you should be able to:

Understand how Navisworks Manage works and is used for CAD coordination, at a basic level

Navigate in models and in the program’s explorer

Understand how to coordinate 3D models from different CAD formats

Measure, search, comment and create crash analyzes

Create images and renderings as well as animations

Time analysis
Basic handling of the timeline function


The exercises are pedagogically designed so that you can practice working in Navisworks Manage. We have a large selection of 3D models from different programs. You are of course welcome to bring your own 3D models.

Previous knowledge

Basic knowledge in drawing technology is a requirement, which means that you must know what a drawing is and what it should look like.

Course material

We use an English course material that contains both theory and practical exercises. In some cases, we also supplement with our own examples and exercises.

Course content in Navisworks Manage beginners course


  • Cadcraft
  • Autodesk and Navisworks Manage
  • General information
  • Purpose and goal

User interface

  • Review of interfaces
  • Make changes to the interface


  • Zoom, pan and rotate


  • Link 3D models from different CAD systems
  • Manage devices


  • View handling
  • Sectional views
  • Search
  • Measurement
  • Comments
  • Crash analysis


  • Use colors and materials
  • Create still images
  • Create animations

Time analyzes

  • Introduction to time analysis
  • Import external timesheets
  • Combine timeline with animation


  • Purpose and goal
  • Course evaluation
  • Extension courses etc.


Loan of computer included
Lunch and coffee included
Cost for course material will be added (SEK 995)
Course duration: 2 days
Time: 09.00-16.00
Price applies excluding VAT

Interactive teacher-led distance education

Do you not have the opportunity to come to any of our offices? No problem! Through remote connection, you still get the opportunity to use the software on our powerful course computers and follow the exercises our course leaders go through. We recommend that you have two screens and a headset to be able to get the best out of our distance education. Contact us for more information!

Company-adapted course

Do you want the course to be company-adapted? No problem, we can adapt the content to your needs, goals and challenges. Contact us for more information and a quotation request!

Do you have questions about the Navisworks Manage beginners course?

Contact our education manager for more information and requests on how the course should be designed and adapted to your company’s conditions.

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