Maya 2022

Maya 2022 is an outstanding program with powerful tools for animation, modeling, simulation and rendering in 3D.

Maya 2022


What is Maya?

Create expansive worlds, advanced characters and incredible effects using Maya 2022

  • Design credible characters with exciting animation tools.
  • Create 3D objects and scenes with intuitive modeling tools.
  • Generate realistic effects such as explosions or simulations of fabrics.



Maya 2022 Arnold

Render complex projects with Arnold

Rendering with Arnold in Maya (MtoA)

  • Switch efficiently between CPU and GPU rendering.
  • Manage challenges in the form of complex characters, landscapes and lighting.
  • Arnold is integrated and you can see high quality previews and iterate changes quickly.
  • Save time with Arnold’s smooth user interface and simple and intuitive controls.


Maya + Arnold

Read about how the team behind the award-winning short film The Beauty used Maya and Arnold to create an underwater dystopia. Click here to get to the article!

Detailed simulations with Bifrost


Workflow for the UV editor – look and feel

  • The UV editor’s interface has undergone a complete overhaul and it has received new improved tools and functions.


Lump modifier for interactive hair shaping

  • Create realistic clumping effects in hair and fur for a natural look.


Live link to After Effects in

  • Create a live link between Maya and Adobe® After Effects® so that you can make real-time changes and view scenes at the same time.
  • Additional MASH nodes.
  • With the MASH tools you get new nodes (curve, signal, world, placers and more), as well as updates of existing nodes.