Maya 2023

Maya 2023 is an outstanding software with powerful tools for 3D animation and visual effects.

Maya 2023


What is Autodesk Maya 2023?

Autodesk Maya 2023 is a professional software for creating realistic characters and effects in 3D. With Maya, you can create expansive worlds for filmmaking, for example. In fact, the software has won an Oscar for its great animation capability.

Main features in Maya 2023

  • Realize your 3D elements with the Maya animation tools, whether you’re animating lifelike digital doubles or cartoon characters.
  • Create detailed simulations with Bifrost, which is a tool for creating physically accurate simulations, such as explosions and snowstorms.
  • Integrated Arnold renderer to view real-time scene changes, including lighting, materials and camera.
  • Fast playback thanks to Viewport 2.0 which enables faster animation review and the need to produce fewer playblasts.



Clumping modifiers for interactive hair shaping in Autodesk Maya 2023

Create realistic clumping effects in hair and fur for a natural look.

live link to after effects

Create a live link between Maya and Adobe® After Effects® so you can make real-time changes and view scenes at the same time.

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