Revit 2022

Autodesk Revit® is a building design software and specially designed for Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Revit 2022


What is Revit?

Autodesk Revit 2022 is software for building design and is specially designed for building information modeling (BIM). Through the information-rich models, which are created in Autodesk Revit, architect, engineering and design companies can collaborate and make more decisions earlier in the design process. As a result, you will be able to deliver a project as efficiently as possible. If any design is changed in Revit, it is automatically updated throughout the model, which makes the design and documentation more reliable.

Autodesk Revit includes features for both architectural design, mechanics, electrical and plumbing, building and construction, but is also part of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection product suite.


Create model-based design that is coordinated, consistent and complete

  • By using Revit, you can increase both efficiency and precision over the entire life cycle of your project – from design to visualization, analysis, fabrication and construction.
  • With Revit, you can create your 3D models with precision. In addition, there are also automatic updates of, for example, storeys, elevations and sections throughout the model development.
  • Let Revit take care of your repetitive tasks automatically, so that you instead can concentrate on tasks that create value.


News in Autodesk Revit 2022

  • New, improved Revit functions create a uniform, coordinated and complete modeling for your design, which extends to both design and construction.

Generative design in Autodesk Revit 2022

  • Generative design is an exclusive feature for AEC Collection subscribers. This function is used to quickly create design alternatives based on custom goals and constraints.

See realistic views in real-time

  • Work in real-time with better, easier and faster real-time views.

Naming of electrical circuits

  • If you want to adapt workflows for electrical constructions to different requirements, you can do so in Revit. In addition, you have the option of flexible naming in electrical circuits.

Tailor-made workspace in Revit 2022

  • Adapt your workspace to industry and professional role.

Angled walls

  • In a fast and intuitive way, you can now create and edit angled walls, in addition, you can also handle angled doors, windows and other wall geometry.

Link PDFs and images in Autodesk Revit 2022

  • From local hard drive or cloud storage, you can now link both PDF and image files in Revit.

Cloud storage in Europe

  • You can now store Revits Cloud Worksharing and non-Cloud Worksharing models in European data centers.

Row stripes in lists

  • Now it will be easier to read lists in the leaf views with the help of line stripes.

Infrastructure and bridge categories

  • Revit 2022 supports bridge and infrastructure-related workflows via InfraWorks with expanded bridge categories for both documentation and modeling.

Dynamo 2.5 integration

  • Dynamo Revit 2.5 is included in Revit 2022.

Reinforcement modeling in Revit 2022

  • There is a series of improvements of shapes, connections and finishes when working with rebar.

Integrated automation for cast concrete

  • Revit has a built-in support for cast concrete. You can install casting tools if needed.

Built-in steel connection nodes in Revit 2022

  • The program includes Dynamo nodes for deployment of steel joints.

Tools for steel modeling in Revit 2022

  • The Create, Edit, View, and Snap commands on profiles and plates produce improved results in use.

Integrated results of design analysis

  • The results of the design analysis can now be stored and then explored directly in Revit.

Electrical design

  • Single-phase group exchanges with single-phase (neutral conductors) and electrical exchange circuits are now available as new support.

Worksharing in ventilation, electricity and plumbing in Autodesk Revit 2022

  • For a consistent user experience and better collaboration between participants, there are improved worksharing functions.

The modeling tool for P & ID diagrams is now also available in BIM 360 Docs

  • You can connect the modeling tool for P & ID diagrams in Revit to BIM 360 Docs.