Distance Support

With a distance support agreement from Cadcraft, you secure your function of your critical CAD and PDM solutions.

Distance Support


Cadcraft Support Center

We help with questions and problems around CAD and PDM as well as Cadcraft’s customized programs. The Cadcraft Support Center provides distance support by phone and remote or by email in the daily use of the software. Remote connection makes it easier to explain a problem and Cadcraft’s support staff can help solve the problem faster and better.

  • High customer satisfaction.
  • Focus on quickly solving your problems without long waits.
  • SupportPortal where you can quickly and easily search among the most common problems.
  • Follow-up and measurement of support quality.
  • Automatic logging of cases and time consumption means that technicians have more time for your problems.
  • You get all support documented via email.
  • Up to 50% cheaper to use our support if you have a support agreement.

We solve your problems

By calling +46(0)33-20 50 90, you can talk directly to our first line support. They help you with simple problems and issues that take less than 10 minutes to solve. You also get help with entering matters that are difficult to explain in text or when you simply do not know how to formulate your question. The call is recorded and a case number is linked to the call, so you do not have to explain everything again. Cases that take longer than 10 minutes to resolve are escalated to our specialists where you get the best possible help regardless of problems.
The support applies to Autodesk products and associated Cadcraft programs, and we support the current version and three versions backwards. For older versions, support is limited due to Autodesk Support Policy. The support includes advice on the normal use of the system and of the previously mentioned CAD applications and PDM systems. Support is provided by phone, remote connection or by e-mail. The support time (for you with a support agreement) is registered and settled per 15 minutes that Cadcraft’s staff work on the case. If you need more support time than the agreed one, we will jointly discuss an increase in the support level, which will then be purchased. All support cases are registered.


Phone: 033 -205090
Email: support@cadcraft.se

The support is available during normal office hours, 08:00-16:00.

Cadcraft’s Support Portal – Click here so you as a support customer can get an overview of your cases and register new ones. You can also access our knowledge base.
GoToAssist – Click here to fill in the session number you received from our support, or to download the GoToAssist client.
TeamViewer – Click here to download the TeamViewer client so we can connect to your computer.

At least 95% customer satisfaction

That you are satisfied is important to us, which is why we continuously measure how satisfied our customers are with the help they receive via Cadcraft Support Center. The goal is to maintain at least 95% customer satisfaction, at present we are at 98%, which we are proud of.

Cadcraft Support Agreement (for you who have a support agreement)

You who have a support agreement can log in to our support portal and see your old and new cases. When you register new cases in the support portal, you will receive suggestions for articles that are relevant. You can also search directly in our knowledge database or click around among the articles. All cases are logged carefully and you receive continuous updates on what is happening in your case via email. If you want to complete the information in the case, you can reply to the email and the information will be linked to the correct case.

Do you not have a support agreement?

We will of course help you even if you do not have a support agreement, however at a slightly higher cost are those who have an agreement. See the price list below for the current price.

Price list

We have divided our distance support into different steps depending on your needs:

  • One-time support (for you without a support agreement) – SEK 790 per started half hour
  • Support 10 (SEK 7,600) – Unlimited number of cases up to a total of 10 hours per year
  • Support 15 (SEK 10,400) – Unlimited number of cases up to a total of 15 hours per year
  • Support 20 (SEK 13,100) – Unlimited number of cases up to a total of 20 hours per year
  • Support 40 (SEK 26,300) – Unlimited number of cases up to a total of 40 hours per year
  • Support 80 (SEK 52,500) – Unlimited number of cases up to a total of 80 hours per year