Vault Professional 2023

Manage your design and engineering data, improve collaboration and take control of your product development processes with Vault Professional 2023.

Vault Professional 2023


What is Autodesk Vault Professional 2023?

Autodesk Vault Professional 2023 is a PDM system that helps both design and engineering teams organize design data, manage documentation, track audits and other development processes. Vault helps you make decisions faster, reduce tasks that provide low returns and increase teamwork.

Scalable all over the world

Connect workgroups worldwide with a scalable, cost-effective product data management solution.

Automatic change orders

Easy handling of change orders with an intuitive workflow interface to automate the process.

BOM Management in Autodesk Vault Professional 2023

Create and maintain a more accurate and comprehensive bill of materials. (BOM)

Customer Object

Define objects to be stored and manage content to suit your business process, from contacts to document packages.

Quick seach for design data

Get faster access to data with saved searches and shortcuts.

Reuse your data

Easily configure the files you want to replace, reuse or copy into a new design.

News in Vault Professional 2023

  • With Vault Gateway, you can access Vault data securely when working remotely without the need for a VPN connection.
  • Experience a completely new and modern user interface with a dark and light look.
  • Create Markups on models and drawings to add and share comments, information and suggestions for design changes, which simplifies collaboration between teams.
  • Enhancements to AutoCAD extensions that allow you to focus on your design tasks while looking at critical design data and data management workflows.
  • Support for Inventor BOM instance properties in Vault.
  • Life cycle status colors make it easy to identify and separate the state of files in the file grid.
  • Get more control over how to view Inventor files with Inventor Read-only.


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