Sustainable Design - Do more with less resources

Streamlining is about doing more with less resources. This not only provides better profitability but also a more climate-smart business.


Life Cycle Assessment

When talking about Sustainable Design, it is usually the process above that is referred to. The process is called Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and involves the company evaluating a life cycle of a product or service and the environmental footprint it causes in different parts of the process. The results are used to drive the company’s environmental work forward.

Our experience is that the construction industry has generally come a long way with this type of work, even though it lags behind the manufacturing industry in many other aspects regarding efficiency.

We can help you

The demand for companies to work more sustainably now comes from customers, legal requirements and employees. At Cadcraft, we work daily with both our internal sustainability and help customers become more environmentally friendly and competitive by streamlining their processes.

Värdemodell för affärsutveckling

Digitization strategy for sustainability

There are many different strategy frameworks for running a business successfully. One of the more accepted strategies is Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema’s “The Value Disciplines” (1993), which was followed by the book “The discipline of market leaders” (1997), which quickly became a classic and despite its age is still relevant.

Their model is based on three value disciplines. As a company, you analyze which of these disciplines you are strongest in and focus even harder there to become a market leader, while it is enough to be on the threshold value regarding the other disciplines.


Why do you need to be better?

Environmental work is not a layer you put on top of your business, but should permeate all disciplines and processes. On a daily basis we help manufacturing companies to become more efficient and long-term sustainable with initiatives in the areas below.

Product Leadership

Operational Excellence

Customer Intimacy

Generative design

Design Automation
Increase competence
System integration
Method development
Process control
Digital twin

Self service
After sales


We all need to contribute

Cadcraft stands behind the UN’s goals for sustainable development and has specially selected goal number 3, 7, 9 and 12. In our daily work with our customers, we contribute to meeting goals 9 and 12, while we internally make efforts to fulfill goal number 3 and 7.