Increased digitalization with system integration

In an ever-faster world with higher demands on speed, security and flexible adjustment, mistakes are easy to make. Increased efficiency and more secure information management is a must. Therefore, our work needs to be supported by efficient solutions where different IT systems are integrated with each other.


How to manage all information?

Today, we manage an incredible amount of information that also changes frequently. Manual management of the same data in several different systems takes a lot of time and is a major source of error.


By getting the different systems to communicate with each other, the need for manual management is reduced and an enormous amount of time can be saved. In addition, mistakes are minimized and prevented as the transfer of information between the systems take place automatically and securely.


What is system integration?

Several of our tasks are already digitized in various IT systems. It can be business systems, CAD systems, HR systems, document management systems and business systems of all kinds. At Cadcraft, however, we believe that the key to real digitalisation lies in integration.


”System integration means that several different stand-alone systems are connected to work together. For this to work, an application is created that works against the systems’ different interfaces. Then the systems can send information to each other automatically without having a person sitting and manually entering this information.”
 /Definition of system integration from Wikipedia

Increased efficiency and secured data

With integrated and automated solutions, you will get the following (depending on industry and company):


Increased efficiency

  • Minimize manual non-value-adding work
  • Automate the transferring and updating of product data between the design environment and the business system
  • Automatically generate approved drawing material in standard format, PDF, DXF etc.


Secured data

  • Data is automatically updated between systems
  • Improved decisions basis, the right information to the right person at the right time
  • Production data is automatically updated during revision


Fast ROI

  • Minimized manual management and the right data through the process provide fast returns


Successful system integration

To succeed with system integration, these steps usually need to be done:

  • Get an idea of the current situation, both in terms of IT landscape and processes. Identify existing bottlenecks, what prevents you from becoming more efficient?
  • Create a common target of your desired to be. Do you want your workflows to go through the same integration solution, or are several solutions needed to meet specific requirements?
  • Management question! The key to real digitalization and increased profitability is system integration. Your company´s management needs to be involved, they need to understand and support the project.
  • Define how integration solutions needs to be designed to meet the needs of the business, and how they should adopt to future requirements and changes.
  • Continuously follow up and develop your solutions for system integration. Create a team that can own the area, with a focus on development, maintenance and support. This team can be a mix of own staff and external expertise.


Real digitization – get more out of your IT investments

System integration is a really good way to get more out of IT investments. Connecting systems provides superior synergy effects and efficiency gains. Integration of stand-alone IT systems has an enormous potential to simplify and automate processes and workflows, which provides a better user experience and increased profitability.

Cadcraft has extensive experience of connecting systems with each other that process design-related data. Our solutions for integration are based on standardized software solutions that are adapted to each customer’s needs.

Do you have a need for more efficient processes and secure data management in your company?

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