Aquajet was founded in 1988 in Holsbybrunn, Sweden, and has since the start worked hard to be able to offer the best equipment on the market for hydrodemolition. By placing great focus on innovation and development, they stand strong in the market - not least with their new aftermarket portal.

Challenge for Aquajet

Aquajet’s challenge was about how they can handle spare parts in the aftermarket more efficiently to meet an increased demand. One of the biggest challenges with the aftermarket is that operators do not always bring the manuals out to the customer. Therefore Aquajet wanted to create an aftermarket portal where operators can easily find updated and current drawings and exploded views to find the right spare parts, see how components fit together and offer service.


The solution was to develop an aftermarket portal to handle spare parts for dealers. The company previously worked in Autodesk Inventor and had 3D models on all products, which was a good starting point for the development of the portal.

Part of the solution consisted of Autodesk Forge viewer embedded in a web portal. After that, the viewer has been configured in order to use the right functions. Together with Aquajet, Cadcraft has found a method to make the 3D models work in the viewer and make the models explode at the right level.




Today, most solutions for handling spare parts are based on 2D drawings that explodes. With Aquajet’s aftermarket portal, they offer an innovative aftermarket portal where the customer and the operator can navigate and choose which spare part fits the specific machine. This is based solely on the 3D model.

The next step is to integrate this solution with Aquajet’s business system in order to create an order and to obtain price and information about the component.


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