proton lighting

Proton Lighting

Proton Lighting develops, produces and sells lighting and lighting solutions in various forms for homes, shops, industries, offices, schools and outdoor environments. They have more than 70 years of experience in public lighting and are best known for the Exaktor brand.


Proton Lighting was looking for a modern tool for their product development of lighting solutions. They were looking for a tool that they could quickly get started with and continue to develop with.


We at Cadcraft recommended the company to use the Fusion 360 platform, which has a modern and user-friendly interface. The software is easy to update and expand with various extensions, where Proton Lighting has chosen to expand with Fusion 360 Manage Extension. With Manage Extension, they get access to additional functions that enable control over revision processes and design changes.


proton lighting


Proton Lighting is very pleased with the choice of Fusion 360 together with Manage Extension. They can now quickly model, share and visualize their lighting solutions, from idea to finished product.

– Fusion 360 is very intuitive and quick to get started with, says Daniel Mattsson, who works as a designer at the company.


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