Webinar: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


Webinar: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

What is a product lifecycle?

A product lifecycle shows how a product develops over time in the market. The product lifecycle is usually divided into five different stages. The five stages are the product development stage, the introduction stage, the growth stage, the maturity stage and the decline stage.

With a product lifecycle, everyone involved can collaborate across the company, from technology and supply chain to quality and manufacturing. When everyone works from the same source, products are created more efficiently and will therefore enter the market faster.

Right now there is a webinar series that focuses on getting to know the different areas within PLM. The idea is that you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and learn to automate manual flows in order to have better control over your projects. You can see the list of all PLM webinars on this page.






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